A Short Course in Differential Geometry and Topology by A. T. Fomenko

By A. T. Fomenko

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Blow-up Theory for Elliptic PDEs in Riemannian Geometry (MN-45) (Mathematical Notes)

Elliptic equations of serious Sobolev progress were the objective of research for many years simply because they've got proved to be of significant significance in research, geometry, and physics. The equations studied listed here are of the well known Yamabe kind. They contain Schr? dinger operators at the left hand part and a serious nonlinearity at the correct hand part.

Differential Harnack Inequalities and the Ricci Flow (EMS Series of Lectures in Mathematics)

In 2002, Grisha Perelman awarded a brand new type of differential Harnack inequality which contains either the (adjoint) linear warmth equation and the Ricci circulation. This ended in a very new method of the Ricci move that allowed interpretation as a gradient move which maximizes varied entropy functionals.

Metric Geometry of Locally Compact Groups

The most objective of this booklet is the learn of in the community compact teams from a geometrical viewpoint, with an emphasis on acceptable metrics that may be outlined on them. The process has been winning for finitely generated teams, and will favourably be prolonged to in the community compact teams. components of the booklet deal with the coarse geometry of metric areas, the place ‘coarse’ refers to that a part of geometry bearing on houses that may be formulated when it comes to huge distances merely.

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Karolinsky et al. is known as the classical Kostant’s problem, see [6, 7, 12, 15, 16]. The complete answer to it is still unknown even in the q = 1 case. However, there are examples of α for which the action map U (g) ⊕ End L(α) fin is not surjective. Such examples exist even in the case g is of type A [17]. The main idea of our approach to Kostant’s problem, both in the Lie-algebraic and quantum group cases, is that End L(α) fin has two other presentations. First, it follows from the results of [11] that End L(α) fin is canonically isomorphic to HomU L(α), L(α) ≥ F , where U is U (g) (resp.

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