A Song of Ice & Fire RPG: A Game of Thrones Edition by Robert J. Schwalb, Steve Kenson, Michael Komarck

By Robert J. Schwalb, Steve Kenson, Michael Komarck

In line with George R.R. Martin's fable epic, A track of Ice and fireplace Roleplaying supplies every thing you want to play and run video games within the Seven Kingdoms utilizing an easy-to-learn process particularly designed to awaken the ambience of the bestselling novels and hit television convey! The A video game of Thrones version comprises the whole contents of the unique center rulebook, revised and up-to-date, plus the full-length event Peril at King's touchdown and a beautiful new hide via fan-favorite artist Michael Komarck. You and your fellow avid gamers tackle the jobs of key individuals of a noble apartment navigating the perilous waters of Westerosi politics and intrigue!

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Tom decides that he had passed through the region a few years back and composed and performed a sonnet that celebrated the deeds of one of the house’s ancestors. He impressed the lord and was invited to stay on in a permanent capacity. His background may be simple, but Tom has a few ideas to make this event work for him. He turns to his character’s goal. He figures he wants fame, and because of that, he probably refused the offer when it was first given to him. The motivation behind wanting fame, Tom figures, is because he probably encountered a famous minstrel in his youth and saw that even though the performer was common, he lived like a lord, could have any woman he wanted, and enjoyed the blessings showered on him by the lords and ladies he entertained.

The character, then, fears being powerless and is ambitious as a way to ensure survival in a world where life is short and often ugly. Come up with something on your own or roll 2d6 and compare the result to Table 3–5: Motivations. Virtue With your character’s personality congealing, come up with at least one favorable character trait, some personality aspect that people would describe as a virtue. During game play, let your virtue guide how you portray your character when at his or her best. Come up with something on your own or roll 2d6 and compare the result to Table 3–6: Virtues.

Therefore, your choice of character, your character’s attitudes, motivations, objectives, what she looks like, what he hates, what she loves, and everything else that makes up a person are all factors on how you play the game. Some are mechanical choices, being matters of numbers and dice, while others are purely designed for roleplaying to help you portray your character in a way that interests you and works well with your fellow players. This chapter, then, is your guide to building and playing characters in SIFRP.

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