Abortion in the United States. A Reference Handbook by Dorothy E. McBride

By Dorothy E. McBride

This paintings is a balanced presentation of the pro-life/pro-choice controversy, exhibiting all facets of the controversy and why it's so tough to resolve.

• basic assets contain excerpts from significant ideally suited lawsuits, legislative money owed and legislation glided by Congress, and historic documents

• presents tables exhibiting states' legislation on abortion and public opinion on a variety of elements of the abortion controversy

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3. com ABC-CLIO 1-800-368-6868 40 Problems, Controversies, and Solutions constitute an “undue burden” on a woman’s liberty. S. 833, 877). The Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision cooled the turmoil over Roe v. Wade for more than a decade. Pro-choice leaders pursued the FOCA, but many members of Congress did not want to go on record for a woman’s right to choose. At the same time President Bill Clinton appointed two pro-Roe justices to the Court: Justices Steven Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The movements went on to other debates until another pro-life president, President George W.

Perhaps that meant the Court had struck a compromise between the women’s rights and liberty and the fetus’s right to life. The ruling and the opinions were complicated. No opinion was signed by a majority of the justices, but there was an outcome: 1. A majority of the justices confirmed the Court’s central ruling in Roe v. S. 833, 846). 2. A plurality of the justices agreed that the trimester framework was no longer in force. The place to draw the line with respect to states’ power to prohibit abortion would be viability.

Pro-choice is the real “pro-life” movement (Page 2006). We believe contraception use can prevent abortions and must be not only encouraged, but also supported by the government. We also believe sexuality is a value that should be nurtured to achieve intimacy and pleasure. com ABC-CLIO 1-800-368-6868 Frames and Framing: Tools for Understanding Abortion Debates 27 Roman Catholic Church that all sex outside of marriage is wrong and that the purpose of sex is procreation. They believe nothing should be permitted to interfere with this view.

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