Advanced C: Tips and Techniques (Hayden Books C Library) by Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson

By Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson

This distinct paintings seems on the portability, execution potency and programming program ideas of the complex c program languageperiod. Examples are given of the way complex C functions may be moved shape approach to method.

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The following program is a second version of integer to hexadecimal conversion. c uses a union to manipulate bits as two different data types. The program stores keyboard input into memory as an unsigned short (assuming a short is 16bits) and uses the same memory as a character array to convert high t The ANSI C standard allows programs to initialize the first member of a union. Many current C compilers already provide this capability. 28 • Chapter 1 • and low bytes. Right shifts produce the leftmost 4 bits of each byte, and bitwise &'S deliver the rightmost 4 bits.

The system fills the BSS area with zeros. Because the system determines sizes and values from these data, we refer to variables in the data area as load-time variables. That is, these variables exist at the point where the system initially loads the program into memory, until the program terminates. When the system allocates memory for the load-time variables, it sets the initialized variables to their respective values and fills the BSS area with zeros. This guarantees that load-time variables have predetermined values when your program begins running.

Preprocessor Directives Preprocessor directives start with a # as the first character on a line. To continue a directive on the next line, a backslash (\) precedes a carriage return. The preprocessor accepts directives anywhere in a source file, and a directive may appear inside another directive. The directives #include #include "file" make the lines from file appear as though they are part of a C program. The first directive searches your current directory for file before it searches standard directories in the file system.

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