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Indeed, the unbalanced nature of games and sports is implied in much of Dodgson’s writing, suggesting that both animal sports and their human equivalents have a strong tendency to be intrinsically unfair.

From 1881 cricket was played in the Parks where facilities were established, including level pitches and an impressive pavilion designed by T. C. Jackson. 134 Anti-hunting Charles Dodgson’s vigorous opposition to cricket in the Parks was more than matched by his writing that opposed hunting, a long-established English sport pitching humans against animals. 138 Later in the work, he described the horror experienced by a young girl on seeing a hare, shot dead by hunters. 141 In likening hunting to vivisection he presented a number of propositions that he sought to refute, one being that the pain inflicted on an animal in vivisection is not greater than that in sport.

73 These were the leisurely recreations of an unskilled oarsman. 74 24 Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll It was on one of these leisurely ‘excursions’ or ‘wanderings’, with his friend Robinson Duckworth (who rowed stroke while Dodgson rowed bow) and the three young daughters of the Dean of Christ Church, that Dodgson conceived Alice in Wonderland. One of the daughters, Alice Liddell, was not only the inspiration for the name of the bemused explorer of Wonderland but also the frequent object of his possibly paedophilic desire and certainly his photographic gaze.

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