Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book by Carroll

By Carroll

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Says Terry. ’ says Terry. ’ I say. ’ says Judge Gavelhead. He bangs his head on the bench. He turns to me. ’ ‘Yes, I most certainly do,’ I say. ‘I’d like to call the very angry duck to the stand. ’ The very angry duck waddles angrily to the witness box. I step as close to the very angry duck as I dare. ‘Quack once if the chip thief who stole my chips is in this courtroom,’ I say. The very angry duck looks around angrily and quacks. ‘Thank you,’ I say. I point to Terry. ’ The very angry duck quacks.

Congratulations, Andy, you passed the test! ’ I say, stepping through the gate. ’ yell a bunch of Andys coming towards me. ’ I yell back. ’ say the Andys, lifting me onto their shoulders and carrying me down the main street. I love coming to Andyland. More and more cheering Andys come out onto the street until there are so many Andys we can’t go any further. They are chanting my name. ‘AN-DY! AN-DY! ’ (Or are they just chanting their own names? It’s a bit hard to tell with Andys. ) The chanting is getting louder and louder.

CHAPTER 8 MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MY LIFE BY ME (AND NOT TERRY) I stomp down the stairs, out the front door and fling my cowpat hat into the forest. The movie is not my problem any more. And neither is Terry. We are done. Who needs him anyway? Not me. I can draw my own pictures. And now I can finally get started on the autobiography I’ve always wanted to write. I feel a hand on my shoulder and look up. It’s Jill. ‘I came to see if you were okay,’ she says. ‘Yeah, I’m fine,’ I say. ‘I’m quite busy, actually.

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