American Ambassadors The Past, Present, and Future of by Dennis C Jett (auth.)

By Dennis C Jett (auth.)

Some of these named as American ambassadors are the made of either a commonly used culture and a thinly veiled kind of corruption. 'American Ambassadors' explains how anyone turns into an envoy, the place they pass, what they do and why, in brand new ever extra globalized international, they're extra very important than ever.

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The majority of the career is spent living abroad. Although assignments to Washington are also part of the job, there is a limit of five years at any one stretch of time working in Washington. That is because there is a tendency for some officers to try to prolong their time there by taking a series of jobs in the department. Once a person takes up residence in Washington, his or her spouse gets a job, and their kids enroll in schools, it is difficult to pull up roots and go overseas again. Exceptions to the five-year limit are hard to justify, however.

The absurdity of that charge prompted Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage to say: “It’s clear that Mr. ”11 Armitage was not a career diplomat, however, so he had the luxury of being able to speak his mind without worrying about his future employment. In addition to cheap shots from politicians, another perennial problem, which often comes up in various forms in political debate today, has to do with funding. Not only were American diplomats in the early days expected to dress plainly, but they were also apparently expected to live that way.

Consular posts, on the other hand, were headed by a consul or consul general and had different tasks. They dealt with commercial and consular matters, such as trade issues and the protection of American businessmen, sailors, and other citizens. Consuls were expected to be largely self-supporting and sustained themselves by the fees they charged for their services. In contrast, the diplomats made a very meager salary and could not supplement it by selling their services. To make ends meet they were expected to draw on their personal funds, which meant in effect that such jobs were reserved for men from wealthy families.

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