Ancient History by Joe Fullman, John Haywood

By Joe Fullman, John Haywood

1000000 issues: old heritage is a remarkable exhibit and inform event. detect the evening sky to profit approximately Mayan gods and ideology, or barter for unique spices and perfumes within the exchange that equipped Arabian towns. See the 1st chinese language Emperor's terra cotta military lower back to its multicolored elegance, or learn a go back and forth consultant to the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations to work out which historic Mediterranean vacation spot is healthier for you.

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The Carthaginian general Hannibal led his army, which included elephants, over the Alps into Italy to threaten Rome itself. But the Romans managed to halt his progress and Carthage was forced to accept defeat in 201 BCE. In later centuries, the Punic Wars were turned into legend by the poet Virgil. He told how Dido, the founding queen of Carthage, fell in love with Aeneas. However, Aeneas left Dido and traveled to Italy where his descendants founded Rome. Heartbroken, Dido killed herself and placed a curse on the people of Carthage and Italy, thus ultimately causing the Punic Wars.

The Hyksos invasion had its benefits, however, since the invaders brought new technologies from their more advanced homeland, including wheeled vehicles, bronze weapons, and domesticated animals. 6 GIFT OF THE NILE The world’s longest river, stretching for about 4,000 miles (6,400 km) from the African tropics to the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile was the great ribbon of life flowing through the heart of ancient Egypt. With much of the country covered in inhospitable desert, civilization grew up along the river’s banks.

Mediterranean Sea Giza •• Memphis , ANNUAL FLOOD In August and September, high rainfall near the Nile’s source caused the waters to rise rapidly. Eventually, the river burst its banks, flooding the surrounding area. This was the most important time of year for the Egyptians. A strong flood meant a good harvest; a weak one might mean a poor harvest and possibly even a famine. Nile d BOATS Area flooded by the Nile Thebes This model tomb shows a coffin being transported on a funerary boat 30 •• Karnak Boats were used for a variety of purposes, including trade, warfare, and construction, carrying goods, troops, and stone up and down the river.

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